About us

Universities love to do icebreakers. It was at one such event where engineering students were gathered, each giving their name and saying something about themselves. It was then that one commented "This feels like a meeting of Engineers Anonymous." It was from here that the seed was sown to grow into the club we are today!

Engineers Anonymous is a social club for engineering students studying at the Cairns Campus of James Cook University.

Our main goals are to promote fellowship among engineering students of all levels, and foster relationships with practicing engineers and local, national, and international engineering firms.

We aim to provide leadership, project management, and professional growth opportunities to our members through managing the club, organising and running events, and interaction with practicing engineers.

Management of our club is only available to members that are currently studying engineering at JCU Cairns. We accept memberships from all persons connected with engineering, whether they be students, academics, or industry professionals.

If you would like to join Engineers Anonymous, please click the Join/Renew link in the menu.

We also accept sponsorship from industry. If you would like to sponsor an event, or perhaps support Engineers Anonymous on an ongoing basis, please contact us. We would love to work with you.

Please direct any enquiries to contact@engineersanonymous.org.au