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2019 Annual General Meeting

The EA AGM will be held on Wednesday 13th March at 2pm at the Boathouse (Building A22). All postions will be declared vacant and new office bearers will be elected.

Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, General Committee Member x 2 (or more if there is interest across year levels)

You must be a financial member to be eligible for a position and to vote. You can pay your membership (still only $10!) in person prior to the start of the meeting.

2019 Membership now open!

Memberships are now open for 2019. Still only $10 for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students!

We now have online payment available, so hit https://jcueamemberships.getqpay.com/ and get your membership today!

Also, we have upcoming news about the Annual General Meeting, events, and merchandise so keep up with us on Facebook.

2018 Memberships now due

2018 membership fees are now due. Only $10 for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and External students!

Lecturers, practicing engineers, and companies are still free.

Please use the Join/Renew link to either create your new membership, or renew your existing membership.

Remember, you need to be a financial member to vote in Engineers Anonymous elections, or to hold a postition on the Committee. :)